This started out as a Peace Corps blog, documenting my service in Kazakhstan that was cut short in 2011 when we were evacuated for safety and security reasons. I’ve picked it up again now that I’m living in Mexico City doing research on HPV and cervical cancer treatment as I apply to medical school.


3 Responses to About

  1. Carol Markham-Cousins says:

    Collin I have asked to have updates to your blog. I love reading this and want to be able to write you back immediately after I read them.
    I want your address ASAP so I can send packages.
    love you very much,

  2. Collin: your parents and I are very old friends. I have a book to send you, if you ever have time to read. Have your read Tracy Kidders’, Mountains Beyond Mountains, about Dr. Paul Farmer and Partners in Health in Haiti. Right up your alley. Very inspiring. Send your mailing address t. Or should I just ask your mom?!

    • ccousins says:

      I make plenty of time to read and would love to read that. 2312 25th Ave. South 55406 Minneapolis is the best bet to get it to me, or I could just pick it up from the library. Thank you!

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