I’m with her

It should have taken no more than 30 seconds of watching the debate to understand that there is not an option in this election. That being said, it shouldn’t have been a question in the first place.


Whether it’s fear of having a woman in office, fear of immigrant men, women, and children, or fear of people who look different from us, I hope Trump supporters can take just one moment to look inside themselves and reflect.  Are they modeling the kind of people that they hope their children will someday become? On which side of history do they fall?


I’m struggling with this question: At what point do “good people” who have different political beliefs than ourselves become “dangerous people” because their beliefs endanger the lives of others? How far does a candidate need to go before we reevaluate how we approach the relationships with people we love, but hold disturbing political beliefs.


I think back often on Nelson Mandela. He fought violently (literally) against a society and system of beliefs that were based on ignorance and oppression. However, he continued to strive for understanding and forgiveness for those same people.


I want to continue to understand and forgive people their humanity, but I will not accept these beliefs and attitudes in any form. It is my responsibility as a privileged and non-maligned member of society to fight as hard as I can against this fearful, hateful, and oppressive mentality. Over the next month I’m gonna make shit weird and uncomfortable  when talking politics. This will be going against my non-confrontational Minnesota values.
This election is different from others not just because of what might happen if a racist, sexist, demagogue gets elected. It’s different because supporting that demagogue means aligning with fear and hate. We must be better than this.

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